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Agenda Item

AC-1 21-1820 Memo Regarding Resolution to Approve a Professional Services Agreement with DLZ Michigan, Inc. for Engineering Design Services for the E. Medical Center Drive Bridge Rehabilitation and Widening Project ($1,011,319.29) (RFP 21-20) (Legistar File 21-1442)

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    Tony Scott at October 16, 2021 at 12:43pm EDT

    I would like to support this resolution, and particularly the need to expand the bridge. Traffic does routinely back up there, and so the environmental impact of idling cars can not be ignored. It is unusual and uncomfortable to expect the old and infirm seeking care, overworked healthcare providers who live far from the hospital, or the emergently transported to use alternate methods of transport. Concerns regarding the A2Zero/Vision Zero initiatives raised by others are shambolic at best and political posturing at worst, especially with measures being taken elsewhere in the city.

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    Victoria Green at October 13, 2021 at 7:15am EDT

    Hello, City Council. I note the Acting Administrator's memorandum includes a section on non-motorized use but focuses on pedestrians and not cyclists.
    On my commute to my U-M job at Plymouth Road and 23, I found the safest cycle route from central Ann Arbor was to take the pedestrian bridge over Washtenaw to Zina Pitcher to Catherine to West Medical Center Drive to East Medical Center Drive to Fuller. Turning left from West Medical Center Drive onto the E Medical Center bridge is tough today -- adding additional width will make it worse.
    But this is merely my finding and you need a more comprehensive analysis. Before you take any action, I urge you to ask City staff to amend their current memo to include an analysis of the current best path for a cyclist traveling east from the hospital area and how it will be changed by the new bridge. I would hope that the replaced bridge will improve safety and that you will direct that the design must do so. Thank you!