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DC-1 20-1219 Resolution to Order Election, Approve Charter Amendment of the Ann Arbor City Charter Sections to Establish Non-Partisan Nomination and Election for the Offices of Mayor and Council and Determine Ballot Language for this Amendment (7 Votes Required)

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    Scott Trudeau about 1 month ago

    Hi, as I mentioned in my RCV comment, I view RCV (or similar reforms, like approval voting) as a necessary precursor for healthy non-partisan Council elections. RCV encourages candidates to emphasize their positive differences rather than attack each other or attempt to dissuade others from joining the ballot entirely.

    Non-partisan elections in November will be costly. The ballot is crowded & the number of voters is higher. Without the incentives provided by RCV to focus on positive differences, the lack of ballot labels and necessary higher campaign spending will escalate the toxic negativity we've seen in recent elections.