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9-a 20-1182 Sign Ordinance Amendments for City Council Approval - Proposed amendments to Chapter 55 - Unified Development Code, Section 5.24 Signs, to update and modernize requirements for signage. Proposed sign amendments were postponed at the May 19, 2020 City Planning Commission Meeting to give staff time to address their comments. Staff recommendation: Approval

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    tom renkert about 1 month ago

    The Staff Report strikes proposed language that provides an exception for properties listed for sale.
    There are 285 homes listed for sale in the city limits of Ann Arbor. Of those 285 homes, 116 - 41% have a days on market of more than 65 days. Striking the language & the use of the smaller unlimited sign will unfairly treat homeowners in certain areas or with homes that may be more difficult to sell, drawing fair-housing concerns.
    It is a common practice in Ann Arbor for a seller to promote their property as an Open House. The Open House sign placed on the property will increase the total square footage above the 12 square feet requirement. Please increase the total sign requirement to allow for up to 16 square feet but limit the maximum of any one side to 12 sqft.
    5 of the 8 examples in the staff report are above 5 feet in height. We respectfully ask that the maximum height be established at no more than 6 feet. Tom Renkert - CEO, Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS - 822-2265