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DC-1 20-1167 Resolution to Order Election and to Determine Ballot Question for Charter Amendment to Allow for Ranked Choice Voting (7 Votes Required)

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    Scott Trudeau about 1 month ago

    I support this as a necessary first step to moving toward nonpartisan city council elections. November nonpartisan Council races would move the decision to who is elected on Council to the widest portion of the electorate and RCV would eliminate spoiler effects from crowded November ballots. Without RCV, I would not support the change to nonpartisan elections for this reason. So let's take this first step and then take the next one. I do not think these concerns (RCV vs non-partisan) can (nor must) be considered together.

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    J Bruce Fields about 1 month ago

    This is a common sense reform with no downsides that I can see. looks like a good summary of the benefits. Please consider this!

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    STEVEN GULICK about 1 month ago

    As presented I do not support this resolution