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PH-2 20-1042 An Ordinance to Amend Title VII (Businesses and Trades) of the Code of the City of Ann Arbor by Adding a New Chapter Which Shall be Designated as Chapter 97 (Short-Term Rentals) (Ordinance No. ORD-20-24)

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    Carol Skala about 1 month ago

    the ordinance is risky and flawed. It fails to take into account a small number of non owner-occupied units in residential areas, operating legally and which would be supported in a legal non-conforming status by the Michigan Supreme Court which has already ruled favorably in the matter. So it sounds like the city will trip over the pride of a few council members who have no regard for the precedent and ruling, and end up wasting more money on an issue in a lawsuit when greater issues remain dormant. Why this is so important to these council members remains a mystery when there was never the data to support a problem in the first place. Governance at its worst.