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Agenda Item

9-a 20-1100 Valhalla Ann Arbor Site Plan, Annexation, and Rezoning for City Council Approval - Proposed multiple-family residential project containing 454 units and townhomes with parking located under the buildings and along the private drives. Project includes annexation of parcels from Pittsfield Township and petitioner is requesting a conditional R4E multiple-family zoning designation of this 9.8-acre site, located at 31-163 Valhalla Drive and 2065, 2099 South Main Street.

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    Peregrine Gerety 19 days ago

    Hello. This afternoon I received an unwelcome email through the Nextdoor Social network from a group called the Valhalla Glen Action Group. I'm not sure how many other people received it, but given the reach of Nextdoor, my guess is that the number is substantial. The Action Group was hoping to flood tonight's meeting with public opposition to this "monstrous project."

    As a resident of the Dicken neighborhood who believes strongly in the need to increase housing stock throughout Ann Arbor in order to make housing more affordable and more equitable, I want to let you know that I strongly disagree with the Valhalla Glen Action Group. Please approve the rezoning of this parcel in order to allow the construction of more housing.